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In January 2016, while discussing with Missionary Hong Hye-young, who was working in the Wulai area of Taiwan, I came to the conclusion that it would be good to serve the many elderly people there, especially the sick, and the elderly living alone (Catherine Lee Feeding Ministry).


Missionary Hong and the volunteer team bring the elderly in wheelchairs, crutches, and weakened energy every month to serve the food prepared with their best efforts. started putting it in.


For the elderly who could not go out because they had too little energy, they put side dishes in their lunch boxes and delivered them to each home.


Thanks to such devotion, the seniors' health improved, and they gained emotional strength by meeting and chatting with each other. Through this kind of unconditional hospitality, they were able to spread the gospel and love of Christ.


While the Taiwanese food support ministry that has been around for several years has been bearing fruit of giving the gospel, courage, and nutrition to the elderly...


The faces of elderly people with deep wrinkles who came to visit us even with lameness, ate food together, and had a friendly time, showing happy smiles, are warmly seated in our memories, as if we were looking at the Lord's expression instead of us.


We bless Missionary Hyeyoung Hong and the team for their hard work for many years, and I am sure of the reward.


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