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About Us

Founder of Global University
Jo Yong-gi
Global University Honorary Chairman
Choi Seong-gyu
President of Global University
Won Park Lee
Global University Korea Representative
Lee Joo Young

Korea National Office

Global University's entry into Korea began in the early 1980s when Rev. Cho Yong-gi, who visited Global University, a member of the Asseblies of God in the United States, introduced it as a layman program at Yoido Full Gospel Church in the early 1980s.


In the mid-1990s, Rev. Seong-gyu Choi, who took over the school's program, developed it into a degree program and opened an office in Korea.


Pastor Won-Pak Lee, who has been with us since the beginning, has put a lot of effort into Korean translation and academic management together with Pastor Choi, solidifying the position of the Korean office for decades.


Finally, in 2012, Pastor Won-Pak Lee took over the Korean office alone and served as the president of the university. After he passed away in 2018, Pastor Joo-Young Lee, who contributed to the development of the global university by taking charge of the overall business as the head of the department, was appointed as the National Director of the University of America. He is in charge of all business practices of the Korean office.


Pastor Seong-gyu Choi serves as the honorary chairman, and Elder Sang-jae Moon serves as the public relations director.


All academic administration and tasks of the Korean office are directly managed by the U.S. head office, and the Korean office operates the U.S. head office directly. Through language support, students are provided with admissions, course registration, and test procedures that are difficult for students to do directly with U.S. school. are helping


The area under the jurisdiction of the Korea office applies to all global university students residing in Korea and global university students from all over the world who speak Korean.

​Korea Office Approval

This letter is to prove that Global University Korea Office is an officially approved affiliated network institution of Global University USA.


Global University is located in Springfield, Missouri, USA. Catherine Lee (Dean Joo-Young Lee) is currently serving as General Manager of the Korea Office.


The Global University Korea Office, an accredited network office, handles student enrollment. In addition, he has the authority to grant grades for assignments as an adjunct professor approved by the Global University headquarters in the United States.


We are delighted that the Global Korean office is working as a global family under the proper qualification standards required by Global University.


Please feel free to ask any questions related to this to our school at any time.



Gary Sivers, President (Ph.D)

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