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In November 2015, I (Pastor Joo-Young Lee) and two co-workers had a week-long Philippine Crusade overflowing with grace and resolution. On my way back to Korea, I inquired about Pastor Arnel at the airport. Is it necessary and possible to gather and educate street children?


As a result, the Philippines Mission School was opened in Antipolo on December 1st. We called together children who steal after chasing cement trucks, and children with stinky bodies and decaying teeth because they don't brush their teeth.


First, they cut and bathed, and taught them how to wash and brush their teeth, and gave them a personal toiletries pack. They gave me snacks and pocket money and started to transform my life behind a truck into a disciple of Christ.


For this purpose, the backyard of the Pak-asa church was converted to a small building and a school (Catherine Lee Mission School). This is the background to the birth of the Philippines Mission School. Children are dressed in yellow T-shirts and given school supplies and books.


The school conducted weekday classes and weekend classes... At the same time, it operated a mobile school to find children who could not come to school because of their distance. Teachers visited each village, gathered the children, gave them basic education, and taught the word of God. Of course, snacks are always provided at the class site.


Classrooms were run wherever there was space. Whether it's a hut, a river bank, a large open space, or between the walls of a building... In some neighborhoods, dogs have participated in classes as well.


Mission School opened a computer classroom for the future of children. For children who have never touched a computer, they are trained to use the computer through theory and practice.


In the midst of this... Following the instructions of Pastor Won-ro Lee, we will start the rice support ministry for new believers in Pak-asa Church. We provide rice to new believers who come every week after worship for a year, and lead them to the Bible study class. Every week, 20-30 people came to the church to receive rice, so the church was revived, and new believers who were nurtured by the Word have established themselves as believers with firm faith.


Occasionally, we have been donating clothing, and especially in Corona, we have also run a ministry to provide food and snacks.


In the hot and humid climate of the Philippines, Pastor Arnel and Bhingsamo are working hard to nurture the next generation, convert new believers into workers, and spread the gospel of the Lord throughout the Philippines.


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