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In July 2015, while missionary work in India was in full swing, I was introduced to a young pastor and couple from Nepal through Missionary Luisa, who was in charge of the Siliguri region of India.


It was Pastor Dido and Sabina's wife. With this pastor and his wife, the global Nepal mission began in earnest in August 2015.


A church was established in Kathmandu, Nepal (Global Mission Church), with young people centered on fervent praise, Bible study, out-of-the-way evangelism, and outside activities, and active gospel witness work was conducted for Hindus in Nepal.


In addition, we opened a mission school for children who could not attend school from poor families (Catherine Lee Mission School), providing basic education such as English, science, mathematics, and Nepali, and at the same time teaching the Bible and teaching of Christ. I started working on raising them as warriors.


After attending the mission school, the children received free education, ate snacks, and had a good time, and gradually began to change into the Lord's people.


Children rejoicing at receiving uniforms and bags as gifts, children rejoicing with bibles in their chests, children walking down the street with umbrellas marked 'blood of Jesus', children filled with joy from balloon parties and Christmas events ... There were often close-ups of Jesus' bright smile on their faces.


The church continued to grow internally and externally day by day, and especially during Christmas week, they toured the surrounding villages of Hindus, performing carols, sung plays, and worship stages, and also preached the gospel reliably through many performances that are rare in that area.


The ministers who laid their foundations through the Word through the discipleship program were again scattered across the country and began to establish branch churches. Nepal Global Mission Church, which has a mother church in Kathmandu and establishes branch churches in more than 10 regions, has achieved great development day by day.


In the meantime, Sabina's mother's breast cancer surgery and struggle with the hardships approached, but they overcame even this, and Nepal's churches and mission schools are doing well in their mission to deeply convey the living Christ to the Hindu community based on strong solidarity and the rock of the Word. .


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