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On October 1, 2016, Global Mission Church was established in Myanmar. Following the inspiration from God, I inquired with Pastor Jimick of India, and someone I knew was connected.


Pastor Tang, who is in his late 20s, is the homeroom teacher. At that time, about 6-7 members were worshiping at a house made of fallen bamboo in Yangon.


Since Global Mission Church started, this house has been transformed into a house of the Lord where necessary items are provided one by one. Computers, printers, bicycles, motorcycles, sound systems such as microphones and amplifiers...


Pastor Tang printed out the Word, put it on the wall, and distributed it to the members of the church, and started teaching the Word in earnest. In addition, the ministry of the orphanage, centered on the children raised by Pastor Tang, has also taken hold.


We feed, dress, and send children to school, and as future evangelists, we have raised the next generation of leaders who will lead Myanmar, which is 88% Buddhist, into the kingdom of Christ.


There was a revival every week in Myanmar Global Mission Church, and there were days when a large number of Buddhists came all at once.


Due to the characteristics of the tropical monsoon wind and the climate with intensive rain in summer, floods often occur, and the shabby houses suffered great damage from floods each time. I did support work.


Thanks to God's grace, the Myanmar church received a new building donated by the saints, and it was able to become a church that worships more passionately in the wonderful new building.


After that, Pastor Tang met a faithful spouse, got married, started a family, and the church was growing...


The ordeal of having only secret prayer meetings is approaching, with all worship services being suspended due to the military coup in Myanmar. The Korea Global Mission Center is praying that the Myanmar situation will be resolved as soon as possible by providing rice and medicines to Myanmar families who are suffering like this and that the day will come when we can praise the Lord to our heart's content again.


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