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In 2010, a crusade to commemorate the 100th anniversary of Christianity was held in the border area of Ukrul, Manipur, India.


It has been 100 years since the tribes that boasted of cutting off their heads and displaying them during war between the neighboring indigenous peoples became Christians through the ministry of Missionary Williams of Scotland.


With God's forcing guidance, I (Rev. Joo-Young Lee) was invited as the main lecturer of the crusade, and after completing the crusade full of grace, I returned to Korea with a project to build a seminary at the request of one of the pastors of the participating tribes.


However, due to local circumstances for more than a year, the seminary was struggling to open due to local circumstances. In connection with another team, they remodeled five houses and established a seminary (CTCS). I concluded that all the support I had sent so far was planted in God as the seeds of missionary work, and I was inevitably forced to close it.


In 2012, God connected Missionary Tamraine Gam, who was dedicated to the ministry of children at the border of India, and together with him, he joined Catherine Lee Elementary School, Catherine Lee Mission Church and an orphanage in Ukrul. Catherine Lee Orphanage System) and Catherine Lee Youth Hostel.


The flowers of the ministry of reclaiming mountainous areas such as wasteland to make villages like roses, and providing free education and hope for life to abandoned children and poverty-stricken locals began to bloom.


A few years later, Pastor Jimick Jimik, the son of the local king (regional leaders are called kings due to local characteristics), took over as the principal, and the school prospered day by day. was used to establish a church (Global Mission Church).


After the worship service, the participants received a bag of rice as a gift, starting to establish itself as a church that provides both spiritual and physical food.


After that, the elementary school changed clothes to the mission school (Catherine Lee Mission Shcool) and taught children the word of God more thoroughly, growing into true disciples of Christ.


In this area where Elder Pastor Won-Bak Lee sowed the seeds of mission together, the Elder Pastor Memorial Park was built in a way that suits their circumstances.


In addition to breeding chickens and poultry, pachira, etc., clearing a large reservoir and turning it into a pond, raising fish, and trying to provide financial aid, India missions have so far been devoted to literacy education and the military service of Christ through the Word of God. It has been continuously passed down in the form of positivity.


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