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In September 2014, Elder Pastor Lee Won-bak saw Missionary Kim Yeon-hee appearing on the show and instructed him to do the food support ministry right away. Since then, the Korea Global Mission Center has sent monthly food support for children and youth of the 'Hope Community' located in Phnom Penh (Catherine Lee Feeding Ministry).


Missionary Kim went shopping with the staff, showed off her skills, and prepared a variety of Cambodian traditional foods, fusion foods, and eating out at department stores, and then provided meals to about 100 children of the Somang Community.


Thanks to the delicious and nutritious food that makes my mouth water every time I look at the pictures I sent, the news came that the children are growing steadily while overcoming their diseases and recovering their health.


Parents who watched this were moved and came to the church to help make food, or even registered as church members. The monthly food support party brought happiness and health to the children by setting up a feast full of Cambodian rice and side dishes, and occasionally eating out food delivered to order.


In the midst of such substantial ministry, Missionary Kim's marriage resulted in the oversight of the ministry shifted to the homeroom teacher, Missionary Youngryong Lee. Through the passionate efforts of Missionary Lee, who is especially passionate, the food support ministry was centered around meat parties, and rumors began to spread around them.


On Christmas Day 2020, about 200 people rode motorcycles to visit churches in the far and near for ministry tours at churches and seminaries. It was to learn the relationship between food ministry and church revival.


In addition... Modeled on the successful precedent of the Philippines, we started a ministry in Cambodia to give each new believer a bag of rice to attend the Sunday worship service. Since it is a country with 95% Buddhists, people were reluctant to come to church at first, but when they looked at the people receiving rice with envy, they gradually started coming to the church, and the church began to achieve a lot of revival.


In the meantime, the Corona crisis occurred, and the church was closed due to the government crackdown, and only the children of the Hope Community received food aid every month.


In June 21st, the Cambodian Hope Community's support work has sensed the Lord's closing hand...


Instead, I opened a Global Mission Church in Kampong Thom with Pastor Sokbin Sokbin, who works with 10 children and two families.


I give all glory to the Lord alone, believing that the Lord who started a good work through the Global Mission Center in Cambodia will accomplish it until the day of Christ.


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