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In October 2016, we opened Global Mission Church in Myanmar and at the same time started Global Mission Church in Bhutan (Global Mission Church).


After being introduced to Pastor Sanbir, who had been sowing the seeds of the gospel for many years as a street evangelist, the Bhutan Church took the first step in Samse with 5 members.


In addition, we opened a mission school with 3-40 children and orphans with no education due to poverty (Catherine Lee Mission School). The children wore yellow and blue uniforms and gathered at school every day to study and learn the word of God. During lunchtime, we ate a packed lunch on the outdoor lawn and ran around the wide field to play.


Global Mission Church moved the temple to a wider area because Hindus flocked to it every day and achieved a rapid revival, and the mission school was also struggling for ample space... We started construction of the Park Won-ro Memorial Hall and Memorial Park.


We opened an orphanage in the mission school built first (Elder Moon's Mission Orphanage: donated by Elder Moon Sang-jae). We gave children bunk beds, provided lodging and meals, and conducted daily prayer training.


Bhutan's water supply condition is very poor, and water trucks come and supply water for 30 minutes every day. Another effect of the water was that it became an evangelism channel for Hindus to come to the church to receive this water.


Bhutan is probably the most supported mission field by the Korea Global Mission Center. All computers, all audio equipment and accompaniments, purchase of motorcycles and vans, purchase of land, purchase of orphanage equipment, new building, etc...


Pastor Sanbir, who has a strong driving force, is a style that does not stop until his needs are met while demanding everything he needs... You can never say less.


Thanks to this, many Hindus accepted Christ, and through free education, orphans and poor children got an opportunity to get an education, and orphans enjoyed the benefits of raising their standard of living.


The Bhutan Church is accelerating the finishing work of the temple and the memorial, with many members worshiping regardless of the corona virus. I believe that the Lord will give a great harvest through Bhutan churches and institutions in the future.


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