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Pastor Won-ro Lee, who watched a Christian channel in October 2014, gave the contact information of Missionary Ik-mo Jeong to start the food support ministry for children in need in Bangladesh.


Since then, we have sent food support costs to 100 children every month for a year since then, and at the same time, we also sent a small amount of money to Missionary Roh Jae-in for six months. However, it is a pity that I did not receive the photos properly due to local circumstances, so I was not satisfied with how the ministry progressed.


In July 2019, the Lord again connected Pastor Joy Biswas from Jenaida, Bangladesh through the introduction of Pastor Sanbir, Bhutan.


Pastor Joey, a pure young pastor in his mid-20s, has been concentrating on children's missions while teaching the Bible by gathering street children.


Through the Global Mission Center, I planted Global Mission Churhc in my own home, rented a house nearby, and started a mission school with 100 children (Catherine Lee Mission School).


Dressed in yellow bags and yellow T-shirts, the children began to grow into masters of faith by earnestly learning the basic knowledge and the Word of God with their eyes shining brightly.


Like other global mission sites, this place is equipped with basic necessities such as computers, printers, sound equipment, accompaniments, projectors, etc. without exception. ...


The vacant lot next to the living room that had been used as a temple was merged and reconstructed. In the newly renovated temple, more and more Hindu sisters came to worship the Lord every Sunday, and the children were also immersed in the Word, increasing the depth of the mood to worship the Lord.


Taking advantage of this atmosphere, Global Mission Church formed 8 intercessory prayer teams, and as sisters from each region gathered, lighted the fire of prayer, and experienced answers to intercession, faith only grew hotter. To this end, the Korea Global Mission Center encourages them by providing rice, food, and blankets as gifts every moment.


Children are also tired of this, so a group of 40 intercession warriors has been formed, and they come to the temple twice a week for worship, Bible study, project Bible story viewing, and intercessory prayer.


Children who cannot come out because of the street are setting up intercessory prayer groups in the local area to ignite the fire of prayer in each region. All children selected as intercessory prayer warriors are paid monthly allowance and given a gift each time, giving a gift that harmonizes with the power of prayer. I am also enjoying the joy of hugging.


In a situation where the ministry is growing explosively, Pastor Joy is struggling alone, so his younger brother, Pastor Hridoi, is appointed together and is serving global Bangladesh. Another characteristic is that in Korea global, there is a discriminatory phenomenon that takes care of the necessary things before they even ask for it ^^


As the Bangladesh Global Mission Church, which is lighting up worship and prayer meetings regardless of the sanctions imposed by Corona, is expected to do great things in the future... I hope and bless you.


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