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​Sri Lanka

In February 2021, while listening to the news from Sri Lanka through Rev. Hyung-Suk Lee, who had supported Korean missionaries in Sri Lanka, the Lord was moved that the time had come to open a Sri Lanka church at the Global Mission Center. I was introduced to Pastor Deva and Mrs. Wassala, who are doing this.


Pastor Deva was the pastor who supervised the school work during the week at the seminary and led the worship service on Sundays, and the wife was a co-worker with her husband with various talents and spiritual powers.


The time when the Global Mission Church in Sri Lanka was pioneered is the time when the corona virus is in progress, and in particular, it is a time when the government has to overcome the government's sanctions and easing due to the widespread corona in Sri Lanka. After that, we rented a hall rented by the government on an hourly basis and are holding Sunday worship services and prayer meetings.


In a situation where gatherings are prohibited, the ministry continues to encourage and counsel believers so that their faith does not waver by visiting them by phone.


At the same time... We are also conducting a ministry to support the distribution of rice and groceries in packs at the Global Mission Center for believers who have lost their jobs due to Corona and are having a hard time making a living.


At the request of another church, the Bethany Church (Pastor Joseph), the members of that church also supported this ministry.


Mrs. Watsala has been steadily teaching children the Word while leading children's worship separately, and Sri Lanka Global Mission Church is growing into a church in which the faith of the first and second generations stands on the rock.


However, as there are currently many people dying from Corona in Sri Lanka, it is a time when special prayers are urgently requested.


I pray that God's great power will continue as a powerful hand to rescue Buddhists and Hindus in Sri Lanka through Global Mission Church, and I pray that God's great blessings on the path ahead of Dr. .


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