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In May 21st, the day I was invited as a Zoom video preacher to the Pakistani mission field, the Lord moved me to open the door to the Pakistani mission.


While researching mission fields in Pakistan from various angles, I was introduced to Dr. Anil and started preparing for a project to establish a Global Mission Church in Pakistan from July. At the time, Dr. Anil was on a business trip to South Africa, so they contacted each other to pray and prepare, and decided to start formal church planting in Lahore in August.


In the midst of this, another Pastor Eopan was connected and decided to conduct children's education centering on the brick factory. The brick factory on the outskirts of Pakistan's city center is reminiscent of slavery before the Exodus.


The place where the first school was established was the 'Shavik Kabata Rywind' brick factory. Pastor Eopan's residence made me purchase a motorcycle first to alleviate the inconvenience of having to change buses several times. Next, preparations for the opening of the school are underway by purchasing blackboards, textbooks and school supplies (Catherine Lee School Project).


Since Pakistan is a country where Islam is the state religion, effective evangelism ministry is possible only when very experienced pastors are active to spread the gospel.


I wonder what plan the Lord has in order to migrate millions of Muslims living in Pakistan, the world's fifth-largest population, to the kingdom of Christ.


It is expected that the Lord's plan will ride the most wonderful flow step by step through the Global Mission Center and make the waves of the gospel high in the sea of Islam.


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