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In October 2014, we started the food support ministry for children with Missionary Sang Yong Sang, who was working hard in Bandung, Indonesia (Catherine Lee Feeding Ministry).


It was a ministry in which the pastor's wife and the team made delicious food for the children and provided lunch after sending food support for the children of the Children's Missionary School.


After the morning classes of the children who danced and prayed with their hands like bracken, a delicious meal awaited them, increasing the joy of attending the missionary school.


The following year, in May 2015, Missionary Heo Gwang-myeong was newly appointed and continued to provide food by inheriting the previous ministry.


The children grew up healthy, the ministry was richer, and the ratings from parents were higher.


Although it was a short-lived ministry for a few years, I am thankful that the Indonesian food support ministry gave strength to the missionaries' ministry, and I started this ministry with an earnest heart hoping that the children who ate the food would be filled with the food of the Spirit of Christ. I give all thanks to God for allowing me to bear it.


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